What is Skinner West Giving?

Skinner West Giving is a fundraising and community-building program sponsored by Skinner School Forum, commonly referred to as PTO. 

What is the purpose of the Skinner West Giving program?

The primary purpose of the Skinner West Giving program is two-fold: 

  1. Drive recurring and one-time monetary gifts to a sustainable general fund. The general fund supports student and teacher needs directly on a case-by-case basis as well as shared educational opportunities across the school.
  2. Build a reliable volunteer organization that contributes to school activities and fundraising efforts in support of our students and teachers. Understanding the availability and interests of our volunteers will enable us to be more effective as a community when needs arise.

Who manages the Skinner West Giving program general fund?

PTO currently sponsors and manages the Skinner West Giving program general fund. Funding requests from teachers are made to the principal and guided to PTO. PTO officers and members vote to approve the funds based on need and funding availability. As a monthly contributor, you are automatically eligible to vote on funding initiatives PTO drives.

Does 100% of my donation go the Skinner West Giving program?

Yes and no. 100% does go to the Skinner West Giving program. However to simplify management of this program, we manage all recurring gifts and one-time donations through Paypal. Paypal charges minimal transaction fees for every donation and we retain >90% of each donation. Compared to traditional fundraisers where vendors take upwards of 30% - 40%, we retain an additional 30% on average for online donations.

Which funding opportunities do our donations go towards?

Annual and monthly reports will be conveyed via the Skinner West Giving website that detail how the general fund is appropriated. Donations are pooled together to support multiple funding initiatives, however if you would like to specify how your donation is directed for specific initiatives, please e-mail us directly so we can manage, track and report these accurately. 

Why do we use Paypal?

  • Trusted brand recognition
  • Simplified management of recurring online donations
  • Mobile payment technology enables point-of-sale transactions at school fundraising events
  • Minimal credit card processing fees

Will this be the only fundraising program?

PTO, Gallery 111 and Friends of Skinner will be driving multiple fundraising efforts. We encourage everyone to participate in those efforts since they meet different needs such as strengthening our general fund, expanding our arts programs, or empowering our students with technology. 

Can I cancel my monthly gift?

Yes, simply e-mail us with your name and indicate you would like to cancel your monthly gift. 

Can I obtain a refund for my one-time monthly gift? 

If you have submitted a one-time gift by mistake, e-mail us within 72 hours of your donation along with your name/e-mail address and indicate you would like a full refund. Transaction fees may apply. 

Is my personal data sold or distributed to third-parties?

The information you provide for donations is managed through Paypal's privacy policies. Information provided through www.skinnerwestgiving.org for volunteering is shared between Skinner West School Forum (PTO), Gallery 111, Friends of Skinner and Skinner West and is not distributed or sold to third-parties without your permission.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

E-mail us . As we are volunteers please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response to your inquiry. Thank you!